Kids Connection was created with a vision to improve the quality of life for families.

The Kids Connection team has worked as nannies for many years while studying along with currently caring for our own children. These experiences have lead to the knowledge of what both families and babysitters are looking to gain.

Through a secure, flexible and reliable babysitter, a family can reduce the stress of everyday life and bring in more harmony.


We offer babysitters, nannies and tutors.

Our employees are certified babysitters and background records are checked.

Our most important work lies in finding the right person that will fit into your family. The family always has the opportunity to choose the babysitter that is right for them. You have the opportunity to select an extra babysitter for increased support.

Kids Connection strives to provide the highest quality of service as well as offer the most competitive prices. We are here to exceed your family’s expectations.


Safe & Secure

 For us it is a necessity for a safe, experienced and certified babysitter that the family enjoys.

Apart from our experienced recruitment team, checking references and previous employment records, we check all the staff whom are employed by us, and ensure that all of our babysitters and nannies have completed the Kids Connection Certification program.


Our staff is insured and we are the only company in Sweden that is open around the clock 24 hours 7 days a week. Peace of mind for both our customers and employees while offering convenience to be able to reach us anytime.


Our Services



Do you need ongoing help every week? Our nannies can help with ensuring everyday life flows smoothly, whether it is picking up at the daycare, school or after school care. Follow along to any after school activities such as sports practices and birthday parties. We also even perform simple cleaning, cooking and assist with errands.


For those families seeking more steady help we have discount prices available.

Of course, we offer the complimentary exchange of a nanny if it does not feel 100% right for both you as parents and children after the first week.

Looking for a nanny who speaks a language other than Swedish, do not hesitate to contact us for more information



Do you need help in everyday life? Whether it is pick up at the daycare, school or after school care. Babysitting, so you can get off to that special wedding or birthday party. Reliability of someone who can assist when overtime or late meetings occurs at work?

Our flexible babysitters are matched to suit your family's needs.

The child is always in focus and you decide together with the babysitter how the time is to be spent with the child.

Do you need a babysitter for children with special needs? Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our expertise in this area.



Our tutors are experienced students and can help your child/children to a simpler and better schooling experience.

We offer help from students that has knowledge in a wide range of subjects.

We specialize in teaching English, both basic and advanced.


Special Occasions

Looking for a babysitter for a party or wedding? Our experienced babysitters can help to keep the children entertained.

Do you want a nanny that comes along on a family vacation to help you out with the children and to give you parents some alone time.

Or does your company need assistance with employee’s children or visitors and their children at important events?


Safe & Secure

För hela familjens säkerhet har vi en djupgående rekryteringsprocess och alla våra anställda registerkontrolleras.



Våra Priser

Kids Connection strävar efter att erbjuda högsta kvalité på vår service samtidigt som vi har konkurrenskraftiga priser.



KidsCo Certifiering

Våra anställda går en barn & HLR kurs. Allt för att vi ska kunna erbjuda er en barnvakt som känner sig trygg i sin roll.